EDU 330 Session 2 -13 August 2013

Whole Numbers -Ten Frame

Tonight take away is about using the the Ten Frame.

Concrete learning experience for children. Even as adult, the exploration of the concrete materials gave meaningful experience.

Being a kinesthetic learner, manipulation of concrete materials is learning at its best. It is easier to conceptualise ideas, otherwise mental visualisation would be challenging. Doing math as we see number all the time, using symbols representing quantity and with manipulation of concrete material at an early stage of learning will be hard and often leads to frustrations.

Early learning experiences require interaction and exploration of the physical environment. Providing concrete objects help in development of concepts and ideas, that build upon cognitive abilities. It makes every sense in making learning meaningful and purposeful.

Using story as a platform to teach math helps to integrate different area of learning to make it relevant to develop children’s environmental and social awareness. Learning becomes holistic.


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