EDU330 Session 3 – 14 August 2013


Again the focus is on the approach to learning math.

How do children learn math?
What can we do to help a child who can’t count?

Children learnt that counting starts from 1….. and that may just be saying the name of the number. If they can’t tell the difference between the symbol and quantity, it means that child has not concept of numbers.
It’s a basic concept of understanding number sense.
At advance level, should be able to subitize when they see objects, then identify the quantity without physically counting by ones.

Jerome Bruner’s CPA approach of concrete-pictorial-abstract approach helps young children to learn mathematical concepts at stages.
I see that as a child able to visualise and mentally makes count of math concept have achieved the abstract stage. This aligned with Piaget’s theory of Constructivism, as assimilation of concrete learning experiences further develop and build upon abstract thinking abilities. 

In the die activity, the dots on the dice represents quantity. It bring about use of concrete objects with use of the dots as representative of quantity. Use of 2 dice to do whole number sums. It’s a fun approach for young children to focus on use of concrete materials,  yet building on abstract-thinking as children interpret (subitize) by the dots to sum the total quantity.

Interactions between child with materials and adult facilitation in such activity brings interest and enjoyment rather than a chore. Learning experiences become purposeful.


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