Note to Parents

Preschoolers and Math

How do young children learn math?

Young children learn through their interactions with the environment. Through their sense of touch, sight, smell and sound, they go through the process of learning and building knowledge of concepts.

Mathematical concepts has five process standard extracted from Elementary and middle school mathematics: teaching developmentally, 8th Edition, 2013:

  1. Problem solving – apply and adapt strategies build new mathematical concept
  2. Reasoning and proof – make and investigate mathematical conjectures
  3. Communication –  relate, thinking and express their understanding of mathematical ideas
  4. Connections – understands mathematical ideas interconnect and relate to environment
  5. Representation – make observation, record, analyze and communicate in the physical and social environment

Learning math is an integral part of growing up where young children makes connections to their physical interactions and develop their cognitive abilities. They are able to relate and make connections of their newly found ideas to the existing environment.

What are the opportunities for young children to learn mathematical concept in their daily learning journey?

My role as a teacher would be planning and implementing the ‘opportunities’ for children to discover mathematical concepts. As young children are sensorial learners, I have to ensure plenty of materials and resources available in the environment for their learning discovery. Setting a non-threatning atmosphere to cultivate the love of learning and to inspire them to ask questions and seek answers in their discoveries. I would adapt and make modifications for to support their learning.In every sense of word making learning math meaningful and joyful.

When children see learning math is every day’s play it becomes purposeful.

Only then learning Math is just as easy as 1-2-3!


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